Welcome to my portfolio, please look around, check out my work, and have a play on some of my games. I Specialise in Director, Lingo, Flash and ActionScript, with a background in, Games, Illustration, Graphic Design, Interface Design, HCI, Animation and Programming. This site will showcase my achievements to date working as a senior interactive designer in various roles, in house and within the design agency environment.

Having played a leading role in a range of projects over the last five years, employing a variety of established and emerging platforms, I have gained vast design and programming experience. I have headed the design and front end programming of several high profile games, e-learning and entertainment offerings from conception to launch. I hope to continue this on a freelance or permanent basis.

Please see below for some examples of my work, or click HERE for my CV. I am currently based in London, if you would like to contact me my mobile number is 0779 029 0693 and my email address is morgan@moochimages.com .

Working freelance for a London design agency, I designed, programmed and animated this complex interactive map to partner the BBC's high profile Auschwitz series. I Illustrated and animated maps and buildings to a high degree of detail. Working from historical documents there was an emphasis on accuracy as the content was sensitive and needed to be precise enough to be used for educational purposes.